Could your takeaway container be composted?

Could your takeaway container be composted?

Compostable containers include 100% paper, cardboard, wood, rye straw or compostable products with no lining or additives. 

Which Bin?

These items can be composted by placing them in your green bin along with any left-over food or drink.

Examples include:

  • cardboard pizza boxes
  • cardboard burger boxes 
  • cardboard clam shells 
  • paper bags 
  • paper towel, napkins and tissues
  • bamboo plates, clam shells and cutlery
  • sugarcane or corn-starch products
  • products that are certified 100% compostable have the seedling logo AS-4736

Certifications are only used to distinguish compostable bioplastics from regular plastics. There are other international standards, but for now, the Australian Standard (AS-4736) is the preferred and highest standard. Check the label to see if it states 100% compostable’ with a certification. 

If you’re not certain the item is 100% compostable, ask the takeaway venue for confirmation. If they’re not 100% certain that it’s certified compostable, then it shouldn’t go in the green bin.

Regular plastic takeaway containers need to be empty and given a quick rinse then placed in your yellow bin. 

Other composite takeaway items such as plastic lined coffee cups or cold cups with a plastic or waxy lining need to be placed in the waste bin.

Avoid, reduce and re-use 

Compostable packaging provides a great alternative to using composite or plastic packaging, but is best to avoid disposable packaging all together and choose to reusable items instead.

Choose to re-use:

Coffee cups, cutlery, straws and takeaway containers. Just make sure you clean items thoroughly between each use with hot water and detergent or by placing them in the dishwasher.